New adventures for Curly Boy and Blue Eyes

It turns out I’m a bit of a townie. Nearly a decade of city living, followed by some time in a seaside town, has left me accustomed to a pretty easy life. I’m used to trips to busy beaches where you know there’ll be ice cream and loos handy. Days out to Bicton with the safety of its soft play and tractor shed for emergency rain cover. Walks in places like Powderham where you know you can satisfy your caffeine-craving and bribe the toddler with cake.

Turns out living on the other side of the estuary – with Dart’s Farm on your doorstep – was pretty cushty (even if you were broke by the end of the day). I took my boys for the occasional cheeky brunch and my son loved hanging out in the toy shop with its Brio table and endless supply of Schleich animals.

We were surrounded by easy, well-organised entertainment options for little ones. I can’t think of anywhere, other than maybe the common, that wasn’t within throwing distance of a shop or loo.

But times have changed. Dartmoor is now our play ground.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It is absolutely beautiful here – and utter heaven for small boys: walks through boggy fields, cow spotting, blackberry picking, tractors…

But these days I quite like to know what to expect. When I go for a walk – baby strapped to back, toddler free-range – is there going to be a massive horned cow around the next corner? Turns out, quite possibly.

So, it’s taking a bit of adjusting but I’m hoping this blog will spur me on to be a little bit more adventurous with Curly Boy and Blue Eyes.

Don’t know about you but spontaneity is not something I need in my life now I have unpredictable small people. I’ll share my notes with you so that this blog, hopefully, can become a go-to-place for Devon parents needing ideas and info. Because let’s face it, just getting out the front door is challenging enough.

Highland Cow

Drove past several of these beauts the other day

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