For the post rave generation of parents…

I never did get a chance to report back on Big Fish Little Fish’s family rave back in July. I moved house a week or so after and lost myself in a sea of boxes.

But the 2-4 hour party people are back, this time at a different venue, Hannah’s at Seale-Hayne, and with a fabulous theme: Halloween Masked Ball.

It turns out I’m not a raver. Tbh, I never was. I would have been happier shaking my post-baby toosh to some Naughties classics. Bit of Beyonce maybe. Even the Hokey Cokey is probably more my thing (hangs head in shame).

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. The music was just a bit cool for me.

However, it turns out Blue Eyes, aged 1, is a raver. He loved it: the glow sticks, the play doh, the parachute dance.

Here’s the video to prove it.

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