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I have become a very fussy diner. Gone are the days when I used to swan down a high street and nip into the first cafe or restaurant I found. Now the places I frequent have to meet the demands of my less than 2ft tall companion. And the list is long: decent kids’ menu, friendly (forgiving) atmosphere, unstuffy (sympathetic) clientele, speedy (tolerant) service.

Which is why The Cosy Club in Exeter was such a find. It’s quirky decor was a refreshing change from the drab samey-ness of  the usual high street chains. There was enough space for my toddler to potter (his favourite past time) while we waited for our food, without crashing into other people’s tables. When he felt like yelling or singing, our neighbours were far enough away not to be deafened. And best of all was the selection of toys and games in neat little boxes, catering for all ages, and a pot of pencils and paper on our table.

As for the food: my burger wasn’t named the ‘hero’ burger for nothing, while my little one’s macaroni cheese got a big thumbs up. I liked how they cunningly snuck in some spinach too. And the waitress didn’t snap or sigh when she discovered half of it under the high chair.

So, if you find yourself shopping in Exeter, kid in tow, and need a place you can unleash your child but enjoy too – The Cosy Club is the place to go. The only downside is it’s a five minute walk from the Cathedral or Princesshay so not as convenient as some eateries – but the walk will at least wear out your little one and potentially give you a few more minutes of colouring in before he’s recharged and ready to go.

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  • turningupindevon
    March 28, 2016

    I might give the Cosy Club a go these Easter hols with the children, I didn’t even know it was there.Fab.

    • Devon Mum
      March 28, 2016

      Thanks for popping along to my blog Hillie – I’ve just been over to yours. It looks lovely. I will definitely be following, especially being new to village life myself! Yep, Cosy Club is quite a good spot. Although popped in for cake the other day and I wouldn’t say they welcomed us with open arms, more tolerated us. But sometimes that’s good enough when you have two boys under 4. The food is good. So are the cocktails. And you can park at the new car park by the court or at Magdalen road car park. Love the sound of your challenge. I need to come up with one to stop me watching endless box sets in the evenings (The Night Manager was oh so good) and get me writing more.

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