About us

“When Adam and Eve were dispossessed
Of the garden hard by Heaven
They planted another one down in the West
Twas Devon, glorious Devon.”

Edward German

Last time I kept a diary (as a train-track-wearing, mullet-haired 12-year-old), it was sacred and secret. So it feels a bit odd to be writing to such an infinite cyberspace. I can sort of hear my voice echoing.

Why Devon? My family spent idyllic summers in the wilds of North Devon when I was growing up. My sister and I nagged my parents until we eventually moved permanently when I was 6-years-old (even if it meant they had to commute 200 miles to London to work – that’s love). It was heaven for little people: beach trips, horse-riding, freedom and space.

But being in the sticks wasn’t so much fun for a Smirnoff Ice-drinking late teen (not-so-quietly resenting my parents for living in the middle of bloody nowhere). I went away to university ooop North and then moved to London.

I always knew I’d be back though (Devon has a funny way of getting under your skin). And now I am and I have two small boys who make me appreciate it even more.

This is my Diary of a Devon Mum.

Image: courtesy of Helen Lisk Photography who kindly allowed me to feature some of her photography from our family shoot on this blog. Helen’s pics are easy to spot as they are much more professional than my own!

One last thing: this blog has recently had a makeover by the fabulous Dawn Li from East West Design. Now more of a blogzine, I’m hoping other Devon parents might like to contribute. So far Kate Berry from The Thatched Kitchen has joined me as guest food blogger. Please get in touch if you fancy doing a bit of blogging or vlogging. Fill in the contact form or email devonmumdiary@gmail.com.